Terms of Service

6 August 2018

Thank you for your interest in Neperos.

I have created this small Terms and Service section so that you know the rules and guidelines that govern this platform.

- This website is offered 'as is' and 'as available'. I´ll do my best to keep the service up and running well to offer a good user experience but I can´t promise I will suceed. I take no responsability for errors, bugs, response delay or imperfections.

- I do not take responsability for the contents that you or any other user write, send, post, upload in the platform. I ask everyone to do not spam, offend other users or submit copyright or illegal material. In particular, I reserve the right to access, review, modify, edit or delete contents and accounts from the platform at any time.

- I´ll do my best to improve the service based on user feedback. I can modify Neperos by for example adding, removing or improving services at any time.

- Neperos use cookies to keep you logged with the server, so each time you restart the internet browser you do not have to manually insert your username and password. You can deactivate the use of cookies by selecting the approprite parameters in your internet browser.

Conerning you:

- You should be at leat 16 years old to use this service.

- You are not allowed to login and use the system with another user’s account without authorization.

- You are responsable for the activity of your account. Store the password in a safe place and change it immediatly if you think someone stole your password.

- Please, do not spam, defamate, intimidate. You are requested to behave nicely, polite and respect others opinions.

- You are gently asked to submit only original material. You can´t submit copyrighted or trademarked material and in general material that violates or infringes someone else rights. If you are the holder of a material published on the platform without your autorization, you can requerst the removal of it by sending a private message to neperos. I may ask you to prove that the material belongs to you.

- You cannot submit contents that contain graphic violence.

- If you upload a picture or write an article text, you keep the ownership rights of that content but you grant me the license to freely use, edit, adapt, modify reproduce, store, publish and distribute the content for the purpose of operate, improve, advertise, promote and develop the platform.

- You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell any part of this product.

- You are not allowed to reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of this product.

- You are not allowed to upload virus or trojan, or try to hack the platform.

Best regards
Dr. Francesco Arca